About Road 2 Recovery UK

Who We Are

The Road 2 Recovery UK Charity set-up and run to specifically help with the relief of motocross and freestyle motocross athletes (professional and amateur) who have suffered life-altering injuries serious enough for them to stop participating in their sport, or from which they will take a significant time to recover.

What We Do

Road 2 Recovery UK (R2R UK) is the UK sister charity of the successful US foundation that has been operating as a not-for-profit organization since XXXX. Both charities/foundations will run independently but where possible collaborate/team-up to maximise the brand exposure and maximise available resources. 

The R2R UK charity plans to operate slightly differently to the US model in the way that it aims to help amateur riders as well as professional riders and has longer term ambitions of venturing into alternative sports such as cycling (Road, MTB, BMX, CycloCross etc.), but keeping to the two wheeled theme for continuity. 

R2R UK’s aim is to raise and hold funds that will be immediately available if/when an incident happens. We aim to be in a position to aid any athlete without hold-ups and avoid the delays that quite often arise when raising funds after the incident which is not always successful and can be emotionally charged and testing for all concerned.

The help offered to qualifying athletes can vary from contributing towards rehabilitation and physiotherapy to paying for upgrades, changes to their home to cater for new disabilities to buying wheelchairs and equipment that might be unaffordable. Ultimately, the charity aims to help as many athletes as possible recover and adapt to their life-altering injuries and allow them to continue with their new lives as comfortably as possible. The charity will have specific qualifying criteria and each case will be looked at, discussed and decided upon within the team and board of trustees ahead of acceptance.

Our commitment to equality and diversity

Black Lives Matter and our commitment to change.

At Road 2 Recovery UK we have been reflecting. Following the global outpouring of grief and anger that has swept the world, we have paused to ask ourselves – ‘why haven’t we done more to ensure we stand with everyone within the motocross community?’

The powerful, raw action of the Black Lives Matter movement has once again brought to the surface a level of injustice and inequality that is often overlooked, ignored and denied. The high number of Black and Minority Ethnic deaths from COVID-19, the death of Belly Mujinga and the violent murder of George Floyd have made this very painfully and explicitly clear.

We operate within this system of structural inequality and by not doing enough to redress the balance we have been complicit in perpetuating these problems. We cannot help people if we aren’t doing our part to beat the inequalities that exist in our health systems and within our own organisation. We cannot support all people with blood cancer if we separate our core purpose from the inequality and racism problems that plague our society.

It is an inescapable fact that systemic inequality and racism impacts the lives and wellbeing of Black and Minority Ethnic people. We will no longer remain silent and we will not ignore our role or responsibility.

We know that we have a long way to go as an organisation, but we are all completely committed to making this change as we wish to be judged by our actions and not our words.

It is not enough to "not be racist,", which is why we are committed to becoming a better organisation and an anti-racist organisation that fully represents the motocross community.

We wanted to take a moment to share our plans with you.

  • We are an organisation with a majority white staff. We recognise the lack of diversity across our power structures, staff and volunteer teams. We know that if we are going to be successful in our mission, we need to improve our organisational diversity and inclusion. We are currently developing our action plan to fundamentally change this and significantly improve our recruitment and retention levels of Black and Minority Ethnic staff and volunteers.
  • In our journey to becoming a charity that meaningfully and effectively engages Black and Minority Ethnic people, marginalised or seldom heard communities we are committing to becoming an ally. This will involve the development of partnerships with Black and Minority Ethnic groups and organisations, building trust with communities, improving our connection to diverse networks and improving engagement and consultation with Black and Minority Ethnic people to achieve our aim of becoming authentic, community led, responsible and informed.
  • We will use our social media, website and other platforms to amplify Black and Minority Ethnic voices and community agendas. We will demonstrate that Road 2 Recovery UK is a space for everyone and turn the volume up on Black and Minority Ethnic voices and experience within the motocross community.
  • We will proactively use our voice to highlight inequality in policy and healthcare environments. Wherever we are able, we will campaign on issues that disproportionately affect Black and Minority Ethnic communities - such as improved access to treatment and care for Black and Minority Ethnic people.

Our core values as an organisation are to be united as a family, stand in each other’s shoes, strive for results and make our knowledge count. By taking action and being vocal in our opposition to racism in all of its forms, we hope to be able to live up to these values.

Finally, we at Road 2 Recovery UK want to make it really clear.

Black lives matter and they have always mattered.

We are sorry that we have not done enough and we are going to do better.

Get involved

We're always looking for people with passion, imagination and drive to join us. Be a part of our story and help us improve the lives of everyone in the UK affected by a life-changing motocross accident.

Contact us

How to get in touch with us - whether you’re looking for help and support for a recent accident or injury or you want to know more about where your donation goes.

You can email us or direct message us on Facebook or Instagram. We'll usually get back to you within two working days

Media enquiries

You can contact our team on 07464033742 (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm) or email us at info@road2recoveryuk.com

Donations and Fundraising

If you would like to make a donation, ask a question about fundraising or about our work, the best way to contact is on 07464033742 or by getting in touch online.

You can also email us on info@road2recoveryuk.com.

Please be aware that whilst we will do our very best to reply as quickly as possible, response times may be a little slower than normal. Please be assured that raising funds to support people affected by blood cancer remains our highest priority and we are so grateful for your support.

Many of our community are in the highest risk category for coronavirus, and we take our responsibility to keep our staff, volunteers and supporters safe very seriously. Therefore, we would ask for your patience and understanding at this time whilst we continue our work in the safest way possible.

You can make donations through the post by contacting us at Road 2 Recovery UK, 15 Roehampton Gate, London SW15 5JR, UK.